The Soulseek Bird

NS client changelog

NS 13e
  • Search engine exploit patched. Exploit could be used by a modified client to crash another client remotely, and possibly execute custom code by creating a stack overflow. Thanks to Laurent Gaffié ( for discovering the exploit and sending us exact instructions on how to reproduce it!
NS 13d
  • most resize settings are now saved.
  • individual color and font styles can now be applied per chatroom.
  • private messaging options can now be used to block private messages from anyone or users not on the buddy list, with the option of having the client prompt you for each messaging user. blocked messages are dumped to the blocked messages window in the private messaging options dialog.
  • pause/resume button added to the distributed searches window.
  • executable is compiled with latest version of STLPort (5.2.1). hopefully this won't cause too many problems!
NS 13c
  • fixed a bug which sometimes results in excessive use of upload bandwidth when participating in the search distribution network.
NS 13b
  • fixed crash bug that often occurs when a search returns a large number of results, although the problem is with a very generic part of the code that can affect any aspect of the client's functionality, apparently and especially when the software is very busy. this is to do with STLPort's, the client's standard template library, memory allocator, and may or may not affect memory consumption as well.
NS 13
  • bugfixes to client's search engine. among other things, client should now return search results for non-english character terms.
  • old intel UPnP library replaced with miniupnp library. (
  • open containing folder option added to transferred file menu.
  • restored window menu.
NS 12d
  • renamed from test client.
  • question mark flag now shows for chatroom users with unknown country code.
test 12d
  • font configuration options for chat, user lists, transfers and search results.
  • color configuration option for online usernames and timestamps.
  • new color configuration no longer lost when client abnormally shuts down.
  • save configuration data to registry can be disabled from general options. *.cfg files will be used instead.
  • to overcome vista's inability to save files in the program's installation folder, chat logs are now saved to "Soulseek Chat Logs" in the user's documents folder, and configuration data (if saving to registry is disabled) is saved to an all users application data folder.
  • (experimental) view global public chat option in room list context menu.
test 12c
  • private and room chat logging. to open the chat log text file of a room, right-click the room window and select "Open Chat log". the same can be done for a user's chat log from their user context menu. chat log files are stored in the soulseek installation folder in the room_chat_logs and private_chat_logs folder. to turn off chat logging, go to general options.
  • separate graphics for the different tray alerts (private chat/room activity/wishlist results).
  • private room operators can now be assigned by the room owner. room operators can add and remove room members. option of making a user a room operator is available in their context menu if they are already room members.
  • client configuration data is now saved to registry instead of file to hopefully eliminate configuration data loss in the future.
  • fixed a crash bug in the p2p module. the crash is not triggered by any specific action.
  • eliminated slowdown and possible crash when indexing large numbers of shared files.
  • when new port is generated (usually when the client is first installed), the client offers to take you to a webpage that checks to see if your port is accessible.
  • client warns you if you're running low on diskspace, triggered if a download is initiated, either manually or automatically, and you have less than 50 megabytes left on your download drive.
  • message all buddy list users option added to buddy list context menu. no risk of server ban (see next item).
  • message all downloading users is now implemented in a way that won't trigger a server ban.
  • added 10 second timeout between peer connect retries to avoid repeated connection failures.
  • search history list no longer shows duplicate searches.
test 12b
  • change password command added to connection menu.
  • option to save configuration data every minute in general options. this can help avoid loss of certain information after a client crash such as the download queue.
  • timestamp chatroom messages option added to general options.
  • chatroom activity alerts brought back. this notifies you in the same manner as getting a private message (tray+audio) when something is said in a selected room. useful for low activity rooms. to activate, right click the room view and select "toggle room activity alert".
  • clickable links in chat. url detection is very basic at this point so it might need adjustment in later versions.
test 12
  • color configuration is now available for various client components via the options menu.
  • improvements to peer-to-peer module to help minimize connection and messaging failures.
  • fixed display of buddy list when client is started with country flags turned off.
  • invitation to private rooms by other users is disabled by default and can be enabled and disabled again from the room list context menu. (not yet enabled on the server)
  • room ticker now scrolls smoothly.
  • fixed wrong parent/child inference of shared folders which contain the names of one another.
  • country flags are no longer shown in the buddy list.
test 11
  • private chatrooms added. to start a private chatroom, right-click the room list and select 'create room'. in the following dialog make sure the 'create as private' box is checked before clicking OK. to add another user as a member, right-click their username and select 'Add as member of [room's name]'. private rooms you are the owner or member of are shown at the top of the room list in bold. rooms you are the owner of are additionally underlined. to give up your ownership or membership of a private room, right-click the room's name and select either 'Give up room ownership' or 'Give up room membership', respectively.
  • your login name is now shown at the soulseek window title.
  • 60 second timeout was removed for retrieving a user's personal info.
  • user lists can now be sorted by flag.
  • tile windows button is back by request.
  • flags can now be turned off altogether through general options.
  • tray icon refresh option, which is turned on by default, was removed to avoid a possible freeze every minute. this may become an issue after installing IE7.
test 10
  • country flags added.
test 9
  • major bugfix to client infrastructure, affecting file transfer, file browsing and user online notifications.