download question.

i searching for something, because of coincidence of names to me has given out in search one file from something else.
It has interested me and i have pressed download folder, but in transfer was added only this one file, not all folder.
if its error of the client, it is possible to correct that all folder containing a file was downloaded completely. And not just that gives out that in search.

I explain as I can. my english is not good=)

I understand what you're saying, the old client would indeed download everything in that folder even if it's not returned as a search result. But there are two good reasons to not do that in the new client. The first is technical and the other is practical. The technical reason is that your client has to ask for a list of files in that folder from the other client before it can do anything, and if the request fails for any reason, nothing gets queued, whereas if you just queue what you have as search results, the files are queued immediately and then any possible problems in not being able to download them actually show up. The second practical reason is that you don't know what you're signing up for when you download all the files in a folder. There could be thousands of files in there, or there could be fewer than you expect. I'm sure there are workarounds for all of these problems, but doing it this way just makes things a lot simpler, and you can always browse the user's files if you want to do more. I have been thinking of adding a 'show file/folder in user's share' option later on though, so that might make it even easier in the future.

thanks. I glad to hear that you in a course that it so works. To execute new search or to browse files it not difficult.