Browse myself with soulseekQT

He Guys , is it possible , in future , to browse yourself as it was possible on the old versions ??

SoulseekQT , works perfect for me , only to browse myself is a small minor point to me ,

Thanx guys and have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a workaround I select a user in my up- or download-list and choose 'upload to user' from the rightclick-menu. (Be careful to not actually upload ;)

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Yes, but I wish a task as seemingly simple as browsing your own files someday will not require a workaround, but rather just work :)

It's easy to browse your own list, Just add your username to the User list, Richt click on your username and choose 'Browse user's files'

This solution is confirmed on Windows 8.1 OS desktop and a Windows 7 OS laptop

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It does not work, it times out regardless of the ports being confirmed wide-open. This is the case on my Windows 7 and Ubuntu machines.

No timeouts here (well, mostly). Just try one more time, or if needed, yet another time. It should show up then.

This must be the same issue reported by yours truly in another thread: that SoulseekQt is busy scanning files (probably your files?) and either shows an incomplete share or just times out.
Patience usually "works" in this case.

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I always thought the "can't browse yourself" issue was due (in part, at least) to the obfuscated port somehow. I don't get timeouts unless I try to browse myself. All operating systems I've tried so far with QT fail to let a user see their own files by right clicking and "Browse files".

But the well-known workaround "Upload to User" for your own shares does at least let you see your files, for a temporary workaround.

I can only confirm that I cannot ever browse my own files (neither I can get my own or anyone else's info) except for this "Upload to User" trick.

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Yup, ports are open but still cannot browse my own files - regardless of how long we wait or how many retries. Maybe it'll be fixed in an upcoming build.

To make matters more unclear, I have no troubles at all browsing own shares. This is on Win7 x64.

to add yourself to your user list just enter any room where it shows your user name right click and add user to list

Just updated my soulseekQT to the latest version , added myself to the userlist and was able to browse my own files , program works like a charm ,thereby i`m still using windows XP32 , he he he , Thanx soulstaff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!