Please help - downloads "complete" - only they're not!

Please help - I've noticed that Qt is often deciding that transfers are "complete" before they really are. Sometimes I think files are even being considered "complete" when they haven't been downloaded at all. Trying to re-download the "complete" files seems to be hit and miss, often because the "complete" file is already in my download directory and so Soulseek seems to think I already have the same file. For instance, I was downloading two files from another user today - it looks like the user logged out when one file was 92% complete, and it shows that file as aborted. But the other file was only 15% complete (shown in the progress bar) but its status is "complete". Why? Is there anything I can do to fix this on my own, or if not, is there an estimate as to when this might be fixed? Unfortunately, its making the program rather unusable.

Are you using the 'Don't put downloads in Downloading and Complete folders' setting?

Yes, I do have that option turned on. I'll try turning it off.

Yeah, I suspect that option isn't working as it should. Let me know if turning it off changes your situation any!

Thanks, Nir

Having that option on dequeues aborted files instead of requeuing them when rightclicking mouse. Just turned it off and works like it should. Can anyone confirm this?

I believe this should be fixed now:

Let me know if you're still having problems, or if you need a build for a different OS.

Thanks, Nir

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