Bitrate Problem

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The problem with Bitrates and times showing up wrong information in your shares has been an age old problem with SoulseekNS.
The problem only happens when you change or edit the ID tags,i use wi9namp and always get the same problem.
Solution:- download the free version program DBPoweramp and re encode the files to there original Bitrate.Do not re encode to a higher bitrate than the original file as this may effect the audio in your file,so if you know your file is @192kbps but its showing 128 or 64 just re encode to 192.After this log out of soulseek and when you log back in your file/s will so the correct bitrate and time.Doing this does not effect the audio quality as long as you re encode to its original bitrate.Anyhow it works for me.Hope this helps

If I recall correctly, the issue with SoulseekNS was that it couldn't get correct bitrate info from files (maybe only VBR files) that have ID3v2 tags, which unlike ID3v1 tags are at the beginning of the file rather than the end. It is not an issue with the file actually being a different bitrate; it is just reading the data wrong because it expects bitrate info to be in a certain place at the beginning of the file, and it doesn't know how to skip past the tag data to look in the right place in an ID3v2-tagged file.

Your advice to transcode MP3s is lousy. Every time you do that, the audio changes, more info is thrown away, more noise is added, quality suffers. It doesn't matter what settings you use.