Bannable Offense..?

Just wondering.. Can you get banned for only downloading but not sharing anything?

There's this user who has a song I want to d/l but all of his files are locked/private. I've messaged him multiple times throughout the week and gave him plenty of time to respond but it's seems to me that he's just ignoring me. I've offered him some stuff to trade, asked if there's anything he's looking for, etc.. but no response. Then when I clicked on view user files, I see that he has thousands of files that are locked in a folder titled, "Soulseek Downloaded".. the only files not locked are in a folder he has titled, "Soulseek Downloading".. it's like he's just downloading stuff and locking it.. seriously wtf.

Let me know what's good.

From what you say it sounds like he's sharing his "temporary" files, i.e. the ones that are still being downloaded (Soulseek Downloading), but his fully downloaded folder (Soulseek Downloaded), where full releases and complete folders are, is restricted to his User List.

Whether what he does is good - not really, but not much you can do about it since he's not replying to your messages. I have a few people like this as well, unfortunately there's always the odd one out who just hoards and is not interested in sharing (or shares only with very specific people).

Yeh that's pretty lame... kind of defeats the whole purpose of that auto message I used to get from people when I was new and I wasn't sharing anything.. a few of those messages had links to a page showing Soulseek rules/guidelines, something along the lines of you can face a ban if you don't have any files to share.

But I guess you can just create a locked folder and just never let anyone d/l stuff to get around it.. awesome.

Btw I even had someone else message the dude and he didn't respond. It would be one thing if I just didn't have anything he was interested in, but nah he doesn't even respond to people.. he's just a hoarder online 24/7 just constantly downloading tons of crap.