Bring Soulseek to front

I have Soulseek opened all day and I hate how it occupies space on the bar, but I can't hide it on the tray either as I have the tray hidden and it doesn't come up to the screen with anything...

I tried running a script that opened the .exe (in my case it's C:\Program Files (x86)\SoulseekQt\SoulseekQt.exe), but out of all the million programs I have this is the only one that doesn't come to the front when you click on it's .exe...

I also tried the following AHK script to no avail

SetTitleMatchMode, 2
IfWinExist, - Qt5QWindowIcon
WinActivate, - Qt5QWindowIcon
IfWinNotExist, - Qt5QWindowIcon
Run C:\Program Files (x86)\SoulseekQt\SoulseekQt.exe

This guy tries to do the same in other language with this very same client, but for some reason it just refuses to show up when you call it...

What the fuck do I do??? This is driving me bananas!