Blogger Has Some Questions About Soulseek

Hello guys,

I'm a blogger looking to write a bigass, in-dept article on Soulseek to help new users join the party and to combine all the other tutorials you can find on the net... yay!

So from what I've seen and heard from people in the chat, Soulseek is kind of like the old Napster, and relies on users actually sharing content.

- Would you say that many users block non-sharing users from downloading from them?

- Do you really need to do port forwarding? If you don't do it, does it have harsh consequences?

- what about using VPNs with Soulseek, do many people do it, since port forwarding seems to be more important here than with other file sharing tools?

- Wikihow has this article with advice on how to use Soulseek without getting banned from people:
Is it true that you should not just download anything you see but add users to your friend list if you download more than one album and stuff?

Would be awesome if you could give me some hints about these issues. Also, if you have any other advice you would give a Soulseek beginner, or if you're an avid Soulseek fan and would like to write us your story on why you prefer it to other communities or file sharing tools, feel free to write in... I would love to publish your story! :-)

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