OSX 'Complete' Folder Cleanup

For all those people on OSX that are downloading lots of singles, the 'complete' folder will become a mess with a bunch of sub folders. I have found online a way to use OSX Automator to create a small .app that moves all the files from the subfolders into the root 'complete' folder. I was spending way to much time dragging and dropping all the files from the user created folder(that slskQt creates) into the complete folder, and then deleting the empty folder. This does exactly that. It moves the file and deletes the folder. Saves me a lot of time.

From the link below...

When you drag a folder on to this workflow applet, all items buried in folders within that folder will be placed at the root level of the folder you dragged. So, for example, if you drag Folder A—which contains Folders B, C, and D—to the workflow, the files within those folders (and the contents of the folders within these folders) will move to Folder A. The workflow then goes on to delete the empty Folders B, C, and D.

Note that the workflow functions properly only if you drag one folder to the applet at a time. Additionally, be warned that if you have files with duplicate names, the duplicate files will be deleted.