Option not to split downloads to "complete" and "downloading"

I don't need that future thing, then slsk creates folders: complete and downloading. On slsk screen I see what I'm downloading and what is complete, so why I would need an extra folders. If some guys need that extra add, there could possibility to choose...
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This behaviour is better than the previous one of renaming them to INCOMPLETE~blahblah.

There are several file analysis tools that will read all files in a folder by default, so pointing them to the old incoming (mixed) folder caused them to either fail or get somewhat confused by a file that might be changing in real-time and/or is still truncated because it is incomplete.

Also, why do you care if a new downloading folder is created? The files are moved to 'complete' once they are done, so you never have to browse 'downloading' anyway (unless you want to delete incomplete files).

I liked this new way rather than the old "INCOMPLETE~name".

Same here ... at least you do no longer file managers and/or audio playing software CRASH because of accidentally loading in INCOMPLETE~... files.
You think that can't be? Well, foobar2000 was very crash-prone if you fed it tons of this incomplete stuff. (Not on purpose, but because of being part of a nested file tree)

sorry...should read "do no longer *make*..."