soulseek always crashing

hello to all

i have a problem that my soulseek is always crashing

i have it always on, and it all goes well for some hours, sometimes a whole day but then it crashes, its always doing the same cant have it on for more then a day without stop responding and shuting down the program

anyways has the same issue?

i have the last version available installed and it did the same with the previous version

it would help to know a bit about your hard/software. What does your windows log say about the crash? Under Win8+ SLSK consumes more and more RAM, and being an 32Bit app, at 2GiB it will crash due to memory shortage (no matter how much RAM you have). I've switched back to Win7 just to get rid of this memory leak. Under Win7 may SLSK consumes (idle) about 200MB RAM after 2 weeks of continuous running (with nothing DL/UL). Under Win8.1 after 18h I reached 2GB and I received a C crash log. Ever tried nicotine+ just for testing against?

hello and thanks for your awnser

i have win7 with 4gb of ram.

i dont know if is this you were talking about btut here it comes:

Nome do registo:Application
Origem: Application Error
Data: 18-07-2015 10:30:17
ID do evento: 1000
Categoria de Tarefa:(100)
Nível: Erro
Utilizador: N/D
Computador: srv2003-01
Nome da aplicação com falha: SoulseekQt.exe, versão:, carimbo de data/hora: 0x09232960
Nome do módulo com falha: SoulseekQt.exe, versão:, carimbo de data/hora: 0x09232960
Código de excepção: 0x40000015
Desvio de falha: 0x00cab25b
ID do processo com falha: 0xff4
Data/hora de início da aplicação com falha: 0x01d0bf961bc48b83
Caminho da aplicação com falha: C:\Program Files\SoulseekQt\SoulseekQt.exe
Caminho do módulo com falha: C:\Program Files\SoulseekQt\SoulseekQt.exe
ID do Relatório: 99a5470c-2d2f-11e5-ba6c-002618549a44
Evento Xml:



C:\Program Files\SoulseekQt\SoulseekQt.exe
C:\Program Files\SoulseekQt\SoulseekQt.exe

there are a few tools for debugging such errors. Procmon is one of those. It collects the stat datas of the exe you choose to trace.
With only 4GB I guess your RAM is running low. As I'm using Win7x64 as well so in my case the OS + McAfee AV consumes 2,4GB for itself. But as max my SLSK consumes (idle=no real DL or UL active) 250MB of RAM; while with 20 concurrent DL/UL it rises up to 1,5GB. With 4GB it could be that there's no RAM left. When you have more Apps concurrently running it could be very early running out of free RAM. I've never experienced SLSK on low RAM Systems which needs to swap as default. I know a lot of apps who could not cope with virtual RAM (phys. RAM +swap), but onyl accept real RAM , sometimes in one huge block (=address range without holes).
Nir could tell you if his source code. nicotine+ works very well with swap (as all mingw32 progs I know). I'd advise just to give it a try with nicotine for a few days just to compare. Usage is nearly identical and config seems to me the same just in different places.

hi their

im currently downloading and upload and the computer is stable on 2gb of ram
i use this computer only for soulseek so i think it never consumes all ram

i will try nicote to see if it does the same, thanks :)

Hi putefabio
It's worth a try. As you have a look unto your RAM usage it might be sth. completely different. It's just worth looking at it. With no other stuff 4GB is a lot. SLSK could (as 32Bit app) only consumes less than 2GiB, while most crashes before at around 1,8GB. Good Win32 Apps ask the mem manager of windows/linux to give them more RAM and windows (when low on RAM/Swap) throws up a msg claiming "Please give more swap...", but your log never showed such a msg, so it's more a fault on some other point (int. RAM handling in SLSK e.g.).
A sure qay to create a crash is seeking, while switching off INet. As soon as you start a second thread (DL, search, chat) SLSK produces a popup and with OKing it's gone. Maybe your line drops for some reason in the night? Nicotine is better handling that situation just stopping the running threads.

i really need your help this.

soulseek was doing fine with 1 crash a day and i could live with that but now it just crashes on a regular basis, like 30 min and it shuts down, i just download and traced slsk with procmon and saved the file but now i dont understand what it says, can someone try to figure this out if i send him the log?

i really need help here

This is with SoulseekQt right? What operating system are you using it on?

im on windows 7

i stop sharing my files, because i installed procmon e it showed a lot of requests and then the crash, and it stoped crashing.

i have a lot of files shared, but now i dont know how to reshare those files again without preventing from crashing.

Hi putefabio
why not (instead of sharing a whole folder +subfolders) share a few folders and then always more. Have you watched how many RAM SLSK did consume when crashed?

i didnt saw the ram values

i didnt quite understand the sharing method you sugest

Sammy's suggesting that you share a few things, then keep adding to your share gradually and see at what point you get the crash. How many files were you sharing when you were getting the crashes?