Close/minimize to tray - LINUX

Hello. I just installed Ubuntu with Cinnamon and I've noticed that I don't have the option to close to tray as it used to have on Windows.
There's someting I can do about it or it should be fixed inside the software?
Thank you very much!

Hi Lucsus
depending on your Desktop Manager there's rarely a Tray in Linux, but you could always minimize the app windows. The function is done in your DM (xfce, GNOME, KDE, unity, MATE ...........) and not a function of SLSK itself.

There's a tray in Cinnamon desktop. I tried everything I could to do that and nothing seems to work. =/

Hi Lucsus
as mentioned this (tray) function comes from your DM=Cinnamon, not from SLSK. Under Windows/OSX it's quite easy to programm against the DM/explorer, as there is only one manager. X itself (as the only Linux root of all distributions) has no tray. When you open Soulseek via Shell you see how all X Applikations work in it's basic structure.

I am having the same problem as the OP. The problem is not that the desktop manager is not providing a tray: my desktop manager is indeed providing a tray, and it functions correctly for all programs excepting SoulSeekQT

Note that, I do indeed see a tray icon for SoulSeekQT, but it is not very useful:

- Clicking the soulseek tray icon just shows the window, but it never goes away.
- Closing the soulseek window closes the application. The expected behavior is that it goes to the tray.

These behaviors have to be implemented by the application, regardless of the DM particular tray manager.

Hi magnicida
that is correct, but SLSKqt is a shell app; X is just the output windows (GUI) as far as I understand the Linux variant. Imagine the GUI as a remote server (Xexport) (that's exactly what I import into my iPhone5 and control it via my smartphone: the GUI is on my iphone and the engine on my "server". Maybe Nir will implement it, but that's better placed in the Feature request box.