Ports Re-close shortly after i´ve opened them

Hello everyone, to make things short soulseek worked perfectly the whole year i´ve used it, just yesterday i donated 10 dollars and im guessing god decided im not worthy of using slsk anymore. My ports suddenly decided to close, and i´ve opened them manually several times. This seemed to work at first (since i click on the check port option and they appear as opened), but after a few minutes they close again and im right back where i started. Any help would be mucnh appreciated.

Hello RedMonarch
whatever God decided, as root you could always overrule him and start the backup ;-)
Port Forwarding is done in your router and has nothing to do with the SLSK network or your (paid) status itself. The webcheck simply tries to sent you some data on this port. When it says no it's not working anymore. Have you enabled a local firewall? Some antivirus toolkits comes with an additional FW included. Mostly it's the router or the IP setting in your client which fails most.
The FAQ is:
a) do you have a static IP for your client
b) have you forwarded the both used ports to this IP
c) any firewall (in the client) (hyper)active
very minor here d) can your router cope with the traffic load started by SLSK

P.S.: If you use uPNP=> disable it and use the manual way; upnp rarely works the way it is intended under windows

i never used an antivirus program and firewall has always been disabled. And i tried all of the above with no luck, ports just close themselfs shortly after i opened them, i already contacted my internet provider, perhaps they can check if there is something wrong with my modem.

Hello RedMonarch
the port function is done in the router, not the modem nor the provider (which could block any traffic/port if he wanted to). SLSK uses unencrypted traffic, so it's very easy detectable and you find a few postings here about ISP Blockings of SLSK. As the http Port Check uses no SLSK specific function (afaik) the check should work in any way, whatever your ISP will block, which leaves the router again as cause....