browser not working when slsk is open

Ok new problem now, when soulseek is open i can´t browse the internet, as soon as i close it it starts working again. Also works the other way round, when the browser is open, soulseek won´t work, it´s like they are interfering with each other. Please help.

Hi RedMonarch
It might help if you tell us what enviroment (OS, Version, Browser, which Port forwarding) you are using. As U tell me it could only be that your SLSK ports are Port80, but then https should still work in the browser. Ports only allow to have one programm "attach" on that port. Typ. the first one would only be able to work, the second gets nothing...

My OS is windows 7 64 bits, im using google chrome but i tried other browsers and still not working. The two ports i forwarded are 53434 and 53435, but previously they were 65452 and 65453. As to the ports being 80 i don´t know exactly what that means.

Hi RedMonarch
Port 80 + 443 is the ports typ. used by browsers. As there is not interference possible with your settings (short: U done it right) it must be something in your router. SLSK does use a lot of bandwidth AND socalled connections (which overloads some weak routers in certain situations (like lots of UL/DL or seeks). But by just opening SLSK your browser should work anyway. Does the Portforwarding check work when U check?
Please try if this site opens (lots of textline; simple ftp) when you want to open it when SLSK is open:
[ftp is using a different port, namely P:20+21]
Have you checked using a different useraccount (maybe your profile is damaged) and using browser + slsk there as reference?

Problem is, when i open soulseek, and click on check ports, the browser won´t even load the page, so i have no idea if the ports are open or closed. And i also can´t open the link you provided, since i can´t even reach this website while soulseek is open. On wednesday the internet tecnicians should be coming to fix my router, and i´ll post about the results later on. I hope that fixes the problem, if not, well...

check if using a different useraccount (maybe your windows profile is damaged) and using browser + slsk there as reference?
Routers usually work on OSI Layer 3 and below (while Apps start earliest at Level 5), so the Router as cause seems pretty unlikely.
Have you checked what your LAN Settings (Browser) are while SLSK is working? Maybe a proxy is engaged.