Login failed. Socket Error

I'm adding a new machine at home with Windows 10. I've been using SoulseekQT on a Windows 7 machine for years. I installed SoulseekQT 2015.6.12 and when I attempt to login I get:

Login failed. Reported failure reason: socket error. Please change your login settings in the Options tab and try reconnecting.

When I click on Check Ports SOulseek says I'm OK: IP: Port: 60599/tcp open. Your router and Soulseek client is configured correctly.

My windows 7 machine continues working correctly with no problems so the port/router settings should be OK.

I've tried adding a new username.

I've tried unchecking the Upnp port mapping and NAT pnp-port mapping options.

I've tried adding the ports to my McAfee firewall and disabling my McAfee firewall and real-time protection completely.

Nothing works. Any idea what's going wrong and what I can do to get SoulseekQT working again?

Hi kaskanak
Have U disabled the Windows Firewall itself? the Mcafee HIP trad. only disables it as long as it's active so it enables it AND it's a Application Firewall so able to block it by name. Socket failure means the Windows Socket is already blocked for this port or U don't have the privilege to do so. Have U started SLSK as admin? Have U tested the lower port (SLSK needs two forwarded port, e.g. 60558+60559) as well?

I did try running it as administrator but it still doesn't work. When you go to the Windows Firewall screen it only says that the firewall is managed by McAfee and I have tried turning that off. Still the same error. The only thing I did note was that with no changes to the router and port forwarding....when I test the ports now it says "IP: Port: 60599/tcp CLOSED" Something else is in play here because with no changes to the router it WAS saying both ports were open.

in the McAfee Firewall (HostIntrusion or what?) look into the activity Log under blocked and look if your slsk is seen there. The HIP is an application firewall (and quite a good one) which could block certain apps just by their doing (heurestic mode).
As long as your browser says not always open (have U ckecked if you always have the same local IP (e.g. at your tests?) there's no problem with your SLSK but your (very local) net infrastructure.