how to use Soulseek

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I'm new to Soulseek and don't understand how to use it. I can perform a search but don't know how to download the result. Nor do I know how to make my library available. I'm using a Mac.

I assume you are using the official client (SoulseekQt). Do you have the option of right-click or click-hold on the search results? It should give you a context menu to download the file or its containing folder (if you choose the latter, it will give you another dialog where you can unselect any files you don't want).

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Yes, I make a selection and a green download arrow appears alongside the selected tunes, but nothing else happens; sorry to be so obtuse.

Have U switched to the UL/DL board to verify this? The green DL arrow shows it'll DL it.

Just add my usersname leijsten to the userslist. Rightclick on my name and browse my list. In my folder B - SoulseekQt you'll find the manual I wrote (you can choose the Dutch, French or English version)