Install for mac O.S.X. 10.6.8

Hi everybody! I can't update my O.S.X. 10.6.8 so i need a dmg file for my system.
Could you please help me? Thanks to all!

Hi lordhs
sure U are at the right place? DMG Image files for soulseek are at the upper left side of the forum site. Else talk to Apple when they forgotten a binary installer (file/disk/tape/stick...) to include.


I am using this installer for 10.6.8 on my Mac intel core 2 duo: see 2nd post: Last stable OS X 10.6.8 compatible version of Soulseek Soulseek SoulseekQt build 1/26/2013.

I hope it works for you. I have no problems with it. There are other suggestions in the thread I linked if you have problems with it

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Remember to install using "right"-click on Mac...