soulseek takes long to load up

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i noticed if i get soulseek to load it stay white and i cant log in, for me to log in i might have to let it run in a clear white state for hours ,, can anyone tell me what am i doing wrong. i do have alot of files in my drive , i just hit 100 gb over the weekend, should i scale down ?

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While i don't have the problems doommega has, i have noticed that the latest builds are slightly slower at startup and 2-3 seconds slower at quit.

writing the config files (what am I doing right now, where are my files, what am I DL right now, chat logs) could take a few seconds and lots of files shared (100k+) take a while just to verify at start.
@doommega: how long does it exactly take until SLSK is able to take your commands? How many (just about) DLs are in the 2do list are there?

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ok here is the deal.... here is what i noticed what the problem is,. i often save people files and what happen is it takes too long, to load, so i suggest DO NOT SAVE anyone list of folders to come back to, just save there name on the side and go hunting for them later, lol, so please disregard my comments from before, thank you and keep sharing and support soulseek fans