Windows 10 usage

I've been a long time SLSK user, but just recently moved to Win10 and SLSKQT. I've always had better luck with the old NS version, but it doesn't run on W10.
I can't get SLSK to connect, no matter what I do. It gives me the "socket error" message on startup. I believe I have port forwarding set up correctly.
I have a Linksys router and a wireless Linksys connection to the router. Can anyone give me a checklist as t owhat I should e looking for? I've searched the forums and read some articles, but nothing seems to work.
One question - do I need to reboot the router after changing the forwarded ports?
Thanks for any help...

Hi alkemy
Router reboot: depends on the router OS; but check the web checker in SLSK to check the ports for you (somewhere in the connection tab).
There are a few threads with socket error already existing. Basically it means there was no connection (that has nothing to do with port forwarding) with the server possible which hooks up to your TCPIP Stack. Application firewalls (OS) can cause that as well.