connection issue

I have 2 PC running Soulseek on the same IP. The PC has no issues running windows 7 and soulseek the other windows 10 will not connect to server. I use the windows 10 PC always for my soulseek and have the last year with no issues and maybe once or twice I use the 7 PC. I have the same ports listed for both. It shows I'm logged in, yet you know where the days left button is, its still at 148 yet the other windows 7 PC is at 138. This is frustrating. I uninstalled the program and re installed still the same issue. I get the proverbial socket issue. Check login credentials. BUT I am log in.
Thanks for the help

Hi gowings
SLSKqt need not work twice on the same IP; Nir's Server should detect it and block the IP for a certain time. BUT that seems not to be your problem, but how Port Forwarding works. PF is a IP specific work, meaning only one (IP) can use it, never both. Imagine two people talking at the same time, some gibbish words and always at the same tone, so no way to differ between both.
FAQ: Reinstalling SLSKqt does nothing but delete the exe and link files; there's no cleanup, or anything involved. Call it a perfect portable executable.
So first clear the PF out, than it might work, but remember your IP will be blocked as two clients on the same IPv4 IP is not intended to work ("one ring to bind 'em all"). Apart from that start slsk as Admin, it solves some Win8+ errors with the changed LUA mode of Windows 8 and above.

So I uninstalled the Soulseek from the 2nd PC and powered it right off. So now I I only have 1 PC on this IP address using Soulseek. Reinstalled SS after I had Uninstalled SS a few days ago. Logged in with my main PC with my user/password name etc. Still no go. In the top right hand corner where days left of subscription. It hasn't moved down in 2 weeks. still says 148 days left. I even rebooted my router.
I get the connection failed login error. This is my main PC that SS has ran on for the last 3 years. I have no issues with any other programs on this PC and ran flawlessly on the 2nd P.C. when installed

Hi gowings
I couldn't figure out the picture of your problem.
-Does the PF forwarding work and the web check say OK?
-Does the login work at all?
-What are the exact error message?
-Couldn't U download, or not Qing or is this only about your (paid) credits? This is sth. only Nir could answer.

On my other P.C. that SS was loaded on port forwarding had the same exact numbers entered. It has now been disconnected from the internet and the program uninstalled on that PC. So I can try and pin point the issue.
Log in shows my username. I have a red SS icon on the top bar and below a blue SS logo that says available.
socket error. please change your login settings in the option tab.
Its the same settings my other PC was using before I uninstalled it on that PC.
It still shows my days left like its frozen in time not going down each day of logging in.

Hi gowings
what version of SLSK do you use? The socket error tells you it could not establish a successful interface to Nir's Server.
Forwarding ports to the same IP is impossible, so does the Port web check (Option-Login) tell you for both port OK? What happens when you use (for testing) another username and password?

I am using 2016 01 24.
Tried another username/ password setup same socket error issue.
Its just strange that If I fired up my other P.C which I rarely use It connects with no issues. At the moment that P.C. is not on the network its unplugged from the internet and not powered up.

again: does the Port web check (Option-Login) tell you for both port OK?

how do i check that Port web check. I never did that before check

IP: 207.47.???.??? Port: 2236/tcp CLOSED. Your router and/or Soulseek client needs to be configured correctly.
This message I always got whether on PC that worked or PC that did not.

that's the issue. You need to forward the ports to the right PC/IP, else the server packets were routed to some non existent recipent, while your client is waiting in vain. You need to forward the (the two) right ports to your IP. I'M currently writing a manual to exact that point, as it's quite usual forgotten.

Just curious. I have never had to do this before why now. Always just installed SS and used it.

Hi gowings
That's one of the dependencies when providing Webservices like any P2P software (to work correctly). There are a few threads about it, just in the last few weeks.