Download won´t start.

So that´s basically it, i can see these users in the search box and i can browse their files, but the download just never starts, it just says 1,2,3 etc next to each song, and i know that´s the queue, but i donated and i (almost) never have to wait, espcially is there is 1 person in front of me. I manually forwarded my ports, everytime i click on check ports it always says they are both open, firewall is deactivated and i don´t have any antivirus program installed, so i don´t undertsand why it´s not working. Any ideas?

Hi RedMonarch
have U enabled the extended Logging, so U see what SLSK see. It may be:
a) the other one (where U want to load) is not reacting, and then the Q timeout happens and you skip this file
b) the file could locally be not created (not allowed characters; Linux is pretty overwhelming with the allowed chars or too long folder+filename or no file permissions)
c) the sender is having the b) problems when trying to send the filestream.


Surprisingly it got fixed on it´s own, sorry for the trouble