Remote File: Banned

I am increasingly frustrated by users Banning me.

I had an issue with my uploads being included so I checked what the issue was and resolved it.

Is there a way to resolve the problem of Users Banning each other simply for a mistake.

And Furthermore who made these users Gods?

Hi Wilki9Wilki
I'm unable to tell why some/all are banning you. Some users take their policy (it's their share so they decide so is yours) very strict, with only one file at a time, one album, 100MB max, min. 5000Files shared or whatever. It's hard to talk to one when banned (only chatrooms stay open) and solve the issue, but starting a chat is one for a start and clear things out. Most have their policy written in the user info. Follow them and things should be OK. The even more unfriendly way is the private sharers, which are basically even more rude to the public.

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Hi Wilki9Wilki
I'm so glad you're talking about 'banning' here! I'm a soulseek user for a very long time now, and I'm still surprised when I get the message 'Banned'. Two weeks ago my computer crashed, and lost all my soulseek files. One of the first things I reinstalled was soulseek. I had to begin from scratch. After a couple of days I was on soulseek and downloaded a folder. Not more than 12 files. Than I got the message 'Banned', a message from the user '196 files! I don't think that's sharing. He was refering to the number of files I already had downloading at that time. Then I thought 'How it's possible to gather some files if they ban you.

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Wilki9Wilki I'm a regular soulseek user for more than fifteen years now and never ever have banned anyone. One time another user was downloading more than five hundred files in one time.
I asked him simply if he needed all these files at once. He answered that he could not find the right file. I just let him be. It's indeed very frustrating beeing banned. I can't understand why users ban you. Is it somekind of power they think they have.

I think it should work like a forum where its only moderators who can ban a user as that would be seen as authority. And also the banning should be removed from the program to aid fairness.