What is this "Place" attribute under Transfers bar ?

There is this "place" attribute (last one; after size) which has been empty for all downloads but just recently I added an album to the download list and it didn't download (status - "queued" for all songs) even though the user was online. These files have a value for "place" attribute which is a number. The first file has 139 and last 153, and these keep changing (increase/decrease).
So what is this ? Are these files queued in that user's upload list ?

Hi Raiz
this is the Row number of the Queue Entry, which varies for several reasons. Have you contacted the client?
There are a lot of clients who only share via lists (which places them ahead of you until the list doesn't ask for anything more, THEN the mortals are allowed to be served), so U could stay in Q for ages. There are NonSharing versions as well (so-called Leechers) which have U in Q for ever....

So I just contact the client and ask him to move me up the queue ? That's it ?
Is there anything else I can do to start the downloading soon ?
And again thanks for the reply

no you just have to wait, as the Queue is managed by SLSK itself, but there are a lot of clients who shares only when added to their list and with the contact you could stay in Queue or even upgrade in Q. Per definition this is not file sharing anymore, but it's still better than the "private shares only" behavior.