Soulseek on 4K display not readable

On my 4k laptop display I barely can use slsk as the text on buttons is scaled wrongly. It's no use to switch to a lower resolution when using slsk. The elements of the application are still scaled wrong.

If the devs need access to my laptop to see it for themselves I can provide that.

Win10 64 bit
slsk latest version
laptop; Dell XPS 13 UHD screen (native 3200*1800 pixels).

Hope somebody has a solution.

Hi suki69
have U tried a different theme? I'm using SLSKqt under a EIZO 4k Monitor (3840*2160) with no problems but no Theme (XP64 + CentOS 6.7). Have U tried the different appearance under the option menu "Qt application style" or used the compatibility Mode?

Hi Sammy123, thanks for your help. The solution was to select another application font and size for the font. Couldn't find this before as all text was too jumbled up. But after playing with some resolutions on my laptop I found a setting that worked good enough to read the possible settings. I couldn't find the compatibility mode though.

Thanks again!

B.t.w. other themes than the default 'Fusion' made things worse.

Hi Suki69
I meant the Windows Theme with the term "theme". The "Qt application style" is how Qt offers himself to the OS. It's important it worked. In my case (I started with 4k Monitors and never had an issue, but the readability was somehow tampered on some Apps so I switched back to XP64 instead of Win7 which was delivered as under the XP Classic scheme everything worked as usual)