Soulseek on Linux listening only to IPv6 ports?


I'm running Soulseek 2016.1.17 x64 on Mint Linux 17.2.

It seems that Soulseek is listening to IPv6 ports only?

$ sudo netstat -tulnp | grep Soul*
tcp6 0 0 :::54801 :::* LISTEN 8872/SoulseekQt-201
tcp6 0 0 :::54802 :::* LISTEN 8872/SoulseekQt-201

Is this correct?

Hi herogee
what ports did you set in your config file? In IPv6 ports are no longer used/needed as any app gets it own IP (of that huge range).
What is your ipcfg settings on that NIC?

I didn't change any settings. I'm using the defaults.

What I'm trying to say is, how come Soulseek only opens IPv6 ports and not IPv4 as well?

What ports do you use in the config/option menu (and what ports have U forwarded to your client)? If none are configured none is used. Are U using IPv6 in your network?