File Sharing Not Working

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Could somebody please help me? I've gone to Options->File Sharing. I then click Share Folder and go to my /Users/Home/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music. I then click the box that makes it accessible to everyone. I see that I can uncheck this box, and then a box at the bottom appears that makes files visible to everyone. I'm not sure what the difference between "accessible" and "visible" is. I then go to Users and see my user name there with the blue bird, wings open, and the number of files that I have, somewhere in the 800s, under Files. People keep sending me messages though that I am not sharing. Is there something little that I am missing? I have so much music to share, and I don't want to get banned. Any Advice? Thank You, UCSB11.

accessible to everyone is the primary meaning of soulseek (or any P2P system). As soon as you only share private or only to listed persons you are not commonly sharing anymore and that's what the others are complaining.
Search for the user Leijsten; he's got a good Hands-on Guide to SLSK which explains a lot of the etiquette and a How-To