Downloads "change" when starting up again.

Hi all,

When I shut down Soulseek and start it up again later, the downloads "change".
Sometimes, when files are still coming in, and I shut it down, they disappear from the "transfers" when I start up again.
The files that I have actually downloaded, still sta in my "downloading" folder on my pc, but the rest of the album is just gone from the list.

I hope I explained it well, because my English isn't that good.

Hi Jayvie
what OS and SLSKqt Version do you use?
With my current experience in SLSKqt I couldn't repeat such a situation. What happens when you manually stop/pause the DL and then reboot? What happens when you just log out and log in again (so no reboot). I've had a similar experience with Thunderbird where a SSD did drop a lot of Files when shutdowned+powered off; with a dismount (of the SSD) it worked. But other Apps have had errors as well so it was not a App specific error.