REQ: Portable SoulSeek

Are there any plans of making soulseek portable? I would really like to carry it anywhere on my usb.
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The prospect of turning SoulseekQt into a portable app hasn't been brought up before, but it shouldn't be very hard to do as long as the configuration and download paths are made relative to the location of the executable. I'm in the middle of adding a number of new features to the client right now, but as soon as it stabilizes I'll post a portable build to this thread. If there's enough user interest in this sort of thing, I'll see what I can do about releasing portable builds on a regular basis.

Thanks, Nir

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Thank you very much! I'm sure that many users would love portable version. All popular software nowadays is getting portable versions. Users don't like that programs save their settings to registry and such stuff :) And it's nice to have your favorite piece of software always with you on usb..


+1. Please also have SoulseekQT Portable in a ZIP download. You should be able to include all the necessary DLLs in the local folder and have all the settings in an INI file. There is an existing QT Library called QTSettings through which you can read and write settings from an INI file.
"If you want to use INI files on all platforms instead of the native API, you can pass QSettings::IniFormat as the first argument to the QSettings constructor"
"In static linking, the linker embeds all library routines used in an application into the executable. This leads to a significantly larger executable compared to dynamic linking. Static linking is mostly used for simplifying deployment, because the executable is more portable since it doesn't require all libraries installed on the target system."
"The goal of this article is to show how to build a standalone executable file of a Qt application for Microsoft Windows. This is an executable file that has no dependencies (aka does not require any dynamic linking to libraries). To create such a standalone version of a Qt application all required libraries should be embedded into the application using static linking."

i'd also love a portable version.. i'd use it even more then the fixed one.. any chance of this beeing made? Thanks!

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I want that app for iOS :/

Me too! I use it on different networks so it would be too nice to have the same situation everywhere. Thanks!

hi there, while this thread i old, any idea how to install the old NS oder QT client in portable mode ? perhaps just installing and copying several files together , any ideas/how-tos ?

So what are the changes necessary to make the client portable? I can certainly give the user the option of having the client use a configuration file in the same folder, but what else? Would shared folder and download paths have to be relative?

Since january i dont see any hints here regarding portable, now we have july , i would love to have a portable version to handle wishlist/config everything in one directory, shouldnt be that hard to solve or? regarding sharedfolder/download this could be relative paths or static defined paths located on the machine - so you have to make sure that those paths/folders are exist otherwise they will be created automatically or whatever.

I would also love to have a portable version! Will be able to remain online without interruptions

I am interested on this, because I want to use soulseek in a PC in which I am not administrator. Could I do it in any other way? Thanks