sharing folders, but can't upload files?

So I'm sharing folders and plenty of files, but I haven't uploaded anything yet. I don't think anyone can view my files. I've tried to browse my own files, and I can't.

Any idea what's happening?

Have you just started using Soulseek or is this a new issue? Which Soulseek client are you using? What's your Soulseek username?

Just started using soulseek. I've had this problem the entire time.
SoulseekQT build 10/4/12.
suedebluesshoes - same as my name here.

I've successfully uploaded one song to someone a few days ago. Still seems like people are generally having trouble connecting to me though.

I successfully browsed your files from behind a firewall, which suggests that your ports are open. Tried searching for something in your share and no problem there either. I could also successfully download one of your files. Everything seems to check out :)

I'm using soulseek, but i can't share my files with your platform. in options>file sharing window once i click on tab i'm not connected to folders on my computer so i can't share anything, can you please help?