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Soulseek is free, and does not show any advertising or include any bundled software. We rely entirely on your support to keep the system alive! If you find Soulseek useful, please consider making a donation using one of the links below.

Donations, Perks and Privileges

As a thank you for your support, for a donation of $5 or more:
  • Your username will become permanent, never to be recycled after any period of disuse.
  • If you're using SoulseekQt, the 'Support Soulseek!' button will be permanently replaced with a gold star badge.
  • You'll receive a minimum of one month of privileges. While your privileges are active, your downloads will be queued ahead of those of non-privileged users. Days of privileges can also be gifted to other users. The following ratios apply:
    • $5-$15: 7 days per dollar (35 days per $5)
    • $15-$30: 8 days per dollar (40 days per $5)
    • $30-$60: 9 days per dollar (45 days per $5)
    • $60 and up: 10 days per dollar (50 days per $5)

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