• Refresh UPnP port mappings every five minutes.
  • Fixed changes to tree widget column width not being remembered.
  • Fixed URL to port test page.
  • Search results from ignored users are no longer displayed.
  • Changed chat timestamps to 24h and added year to long timestamps.


  • Fixed a performance issue in the client internal data system that was affecting the performance of search and file transfer, as well as other areas potentially.
  • [macOS] Fixed a problem under Ventura that made the Add Shared Folder dialog disappear behind the application window after selecting a folder.
  • File sizes bigger than 2GB should now show up in search results.
  • Zero file sizes are now displayed instead of an empty space.
  • Most popup dialogs are now always on top to make them harder to lose.
  • Client will inform the user if they're trying to run the application a second time instead of exiting quietly.
  • List of shared folders under Options->File Sharing is now sorted alphabetically instead of showing in random order.
  • Updated to the latest version of MiniUPnP.
  • [macOS] Built with Qt 6.4.2.
  • Providing the -minimized command line parameter to the application will start it minimized to the tray.


  • [macOS] Built with Qt 5.15.2 for better compatibility with newer versions of macOS.
  • [macOS] New Qt Fusion UI style looks better and fixes problem with cut-off text in tab names.
  • [macOS] Better compatibility with macOS dark mode.
  • [macOS] Notarized to prevent gatekeeper from refusing to run app on Big Sur.


  • 64-bit build for Windows.


  • Upgraded to Qt 5.11.2 for Windows and MacOS builds.
  • Removed upload to user option as it isn't designed very well right now.


  • Fixed client causing latency spikes on Wi-Fi (QT_BEARER_POLL_TIMEOUT).
  • Various minor fixes.


  • Fixed problem where peer connection closes when browsing very large shares.
  • Keep peer connections alive while writing to prevent premature closure.


  • Significant reduction in memory use when browsing large shares.
  • Various minor fixes.


  • Option to create folders for each individual user you're downloading from. Turned on by default.
  • Close all searches button in search and wishlist tab.
  • Allow downloading files with illegal filename characters on Windows.
  • Correctly recreate folder structure when downloading a folder with subfolders.
  • All empty folders in the downloading folder are erased after every download.


  • Revert to Qt 5.7.1 on OSX due to a proxy related crash bug in 5.8.0.


  • Updated language files.
  • Setting to control whether to receive private chat notifications for everyone / user list users / no one.
  • Built with Qt 5.7.1 for Windows and 5.8.0 for OSX.


  • Updated TagLib and language files.


  • Make sure no duplicate filenames are shown in Download Folder dialog.


  • Files larger than 2GB should no longer fail to transfer is both the uploader and downloader are using this build or later.
  • Files that have an extension that is filtered will be unselected in the Download Folder dialog by default.
  • Option to disable listening ports if more than a specified number of incoming connections are created in a specified number of seconds.
  • Option to completely disable listening ports.
  • Instead of showing a plain error message, failure to log in will now show a dialog explaining that the username may have expired, and offers to let the user change their username and password.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the connection to be repeatedly retried after a wrong password login failure.
  • Privileges time display is now updated much more frequently.
  • Windows: Using Inno installer instead of NSIS.
  • Windows: First Qt 5.5.* build, using Qt 5.5.1.


  • OSX and Linux: Remove minimize on close setting as it badly misbehaves on these operating systems.


  • TagLib is now integrated into the client to extract audio attributes more quickly and for a much wider variety of audio file formats. Whereas audio attribute extraction was only supported for MP3s previously, FLAC, APE, MP4, OGG, WAV and WAVPACK are now supported as well.
  • New non-threaded file transfer code operates more in line with Qt's design architecture for sockets.
  • Processing speed of queued uploads has been greatly improved.
  • Treat downloads denied with 'too many files' or 'too many megabytes' as queued so that they'll be automatically requeued.
  • Default download folder on Windows is now in the user's documents folder to avoid potential permissions problems.
  • Client configuration data can be exported and imported via Options->Extras.
  • Minimize to tray setting changed to minimize on close. When turned on, on Windows the close button will send the client to the tray and the minimize button to the taskbar. On OSX the minimize and close buttons function about the same.
  • New tray context menu shows client version and includes a Quit option.
  • Don't process one character tokens in outgoing searches.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to downloads or uploads that are removed from the list when the context menu is open.
  • Downloads queued with a 0 file size are now automatically marked complete without starting a transfer.
  • Symbolic links in shared folders are now indexed as well on Linux and Mac.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the client from saving its data periodically.
  • Fixed a crash related to incompatible data schemas going between different client versions.


  • Safer handling of non-messaging peer sockets to avoid a possible crash.
  • Chat and search tab labels should now show in full, and allow scrolling if there's more of them than the window can contain.


  • Added the oft requested option to set how frequently the client saves its data, under Options->General.


  • Folders above shared folders should no longer show in search results and on other users' download page. For example, users should see SharedFiles/SomeFolder instead of /Users/MyRealName/SharedFiles/SomeFolder when they receive your search results and download your files. This is the riskiest of the risky changes, as it's implemented by replacing real paths on your end with random codes, and can potentially result in files that won't upload. Worked well in testing though!
  • New setting (which is on by default) allows your client to upload small files (100k maximum, or whatever you set it to) without making the downloader wait in line. Great for transferring small text files containing information about the entire folder. The risk here is that I may have done something to screw up the upload queue code.
  • File transfer code has been majorly cleaned up to minimize multithreaded interaction with sockets and files. This appears to have made one of the most persistently reported crashes on OSX over the last couple of years go away, and there's nothing pointing to the problem being Mac specific, so it could resolve some crashes on Windows as well. Who knows. Hopefully I didn't create any new potential crashes.
  • Old-style table transfer views for those of you who want it. Columns can be re-ordered at will and the new order is memorized between sessions. Lots of changes to overall UI logic.
  • Major code style change to the underlying data management system. It didn't result in any actual improvements or new functionality, and also something might have gone wrong.
  • Fixed a possible crash when removing download entries.
  • Fixed a possible crash related to the top button bar when switching or opening new views.
  • Splitter and column width settings in browsed share and upload views are now memorized.
  • Tree widgets no longer use custom-drawn lines.


  • [Windows] Built against new Qt 5.3.1.
  • Fixed UI freeze trying to share a folder when the client is first started.


  • [OSX] Built against new Qt 5.3.1 so as to run on OSX Yosemite.


  • Built against new Qt 5.3.0.
  • Folders can now be queued in paused state from both search results and browsed shares.
  • [OSX] Much nicer application icon courtesy of pbb.


  • Default server port is no longer 80, as many users have a problem connecting on that port.
  • Fixed a problem with client UI freezing after being minimized on OSX.
  • Changed 'Minimize to tray [windows only]' to 'Show tray icon'
  • Fixed new search tab not receiving focus.
  • Splitter position is now memorized when uploads and downloads are in the same tab..
  • Expand folders/users settings in transfers tabs are now memorized.
  • Context menu no longer shows in message list if no message is selected.
  • Latest language translation updates.


  • Downloads and uploads can now be shown in the same tab via a new setting under Options->UI.


  • Multiple language support.
  • Fixed a distributed search network bug related to the client reporting its parent.
  • Fixed a crash related to viewing search results with some sort orders.
  • New message list tab keeps a record of all private chats.
  • Chat filter tokens now apply to usernames as well as message texts.
  • Maximum uploads per user limit on by default to prevent mass queuing.
  • Fixed quoted search terms not being processed by the client properly.
  • Fixed offline icon not showing in private chat.


  • Significant improvements to speed and memory consumption.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the client to freeze under certain, hard to predict circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that could deny uploads from folders with group-specific permissions.


  • When downloading a folder from search results, a list of all the files in the folder will be presented including files that are not shown in search results, allowing the user to download all of them by default or select individual files for download.
  • Option to use previous download folder functionality.
  • Client is now built against Qt 5.
  • Privately shared files can now be made visible. A lock icon will appear next to private/visible files in search results and browsed shares. Private/visible search results will be shown at the bottom of the search results list.
  • Various crash fixes.
  • Removed empty button from action bar.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the main window to be completely off-screen when the client starts.
  • Removed Browse Folder option from search results context menu.
  • Faster closing of search result and browse share windows.
  • Re-browse share button.
  • Download are now retried a maximum of three times every fives minutes, helping prevent endless requeueing cycles when there is a irresolvable problem downloading or uploading the file.
  • Searches are now limited to 10,000 results by default, with the option of changing the number of limited results or disabling limiting altogether.
  • Qt application style can now be selected from Options->UI.
  • Option to filter room messages based on key words.
  • Removed pause when shared files are rescanned when the client is started.
  • Visual indication of scanning process when first sharing a folder.
  • Listening port is now generated randomly when client is run for the first time.
  • Change password option.
  • Own shared files are now retrieved much more quickly when browsed by another user.
  • You can now browse your own files.


  • NAT-PMP port forwarding support (typically used by Mac routers.)
  • Auto-away setting.
  • Downloads can now be paused.
  • Simpler color selection dialog.
  • Open download folder button in Downloads tab.
  • Option to re-enable downloading folders on double-click.
  • Own chat messages are now colored with a configurable color setting.
  • Clear window and column size settings option.


  • Better handling of transfer end conditions.
  • Old configuration backups are now properly disposed of on Mac and Linux.
  • Discard repeated wish list search results toggle.
  • Maximum queued MB per user setting.
  • User upload limit settings can now be toggled on and off.
  • User notes are now trimmed to a single line in the user list.
  • Option to manually execute wish list search.
  • UPnP port mapping is now only renewed on reconnection, not every hour.
  • Double-clicking no longer initiates folder downloads.


  • Latest MiniUPnP library.
  • Links in chat with spaces after them should now be displayed properly.


  • The application font and font size can now be changed under Options->UI.
  • User shares can now be saved to XML files.
  • Message multiple users option under Users->User List allows messaging all user list users, a specific group, or downloading users.
  • Download speed limiting.
  • The search history can now be cleared from Options->General.
  • Fixed downloads being prematurely marked as complete, in apparent relation to the `don't use complete/downloading folders` option.
  • User share action buttons should now show up even if the folder list isn't selected.
  • Extra spaces are no longer swallowed in private and room chat.
  • User info should now show properly on Soulseek NS clients.
  • Support for popular image types in user info (which stopped working with the new Qt library) has now been restored via extra DLLs in the program install. Additionally, textual user info should now show even if the image can't be loaded successfully.
  • Bewildered cat icon for users without an identifiable country flag.
  • 2013-2-12

    • Multiple copies of client data file are kept to minimize the chance of loss of configuration.
    • Unsharing now applies to the user's IP address. Users with the same IP address will now be automatically added to the unshared list in a given session.
    • Option not to place downloaded files in Downloading and Complete folders.
    • Username is now shown in application window title bar.
    • Permissions of privately shared folders should now show properly in the Set Permissions dialog.
    • Autojoin to private rooms user is no longer a member of are now removed automatically.
    • Uploads should no longer hang in the finish phase.
    • Upload view was made to function more like the share browse view.


    • A toggle in the uploads tab now allows you to set the client to finish all existing uploads and quit. No new uploads will be allowed, no search results will be returned, and after about five minute of all existing uploads no longer being queued (just in case any aborted uploads are retried), the client should exit quietly.
    • An ordered history of your previous searches is now available via a dropdown, much like in the original Soulseek client.
    • You can now choose to receive room activity alerts via a toggle. When anything is said in the room, you'll receive a run-of-the-mill alert. Plus you can set a sound for it in Options->Notification Sounds. Should be useful for low-traffic rooms.
    • Client data should now be saved in case of an abrupt shutdown, such as often happens when rebooting or shutting down the operating system.
    • Lowering the number of upload slot to less than the number of currently active uploads should no longer start all users' uploads.
    • Select Application Colors button should now work.
    • Added new icons to transfers tab action bar and context menus.


    • Record of shared files whose size changes is now properly updated at initial re-scanning, preventing uploads that hang at the very end or that never receive the end of the file.
    • Fixed a possible crash related to cleaning up inactive peer sockets.
    • Notifications buttons are now not shown by default, instead old client-style highlighting of active tabs is now used instead. To show notification buttons again, check Options->UI->Show event buttons.
    • UI specific options were moved out of the General tab into a new UI tab.
    • Tightened layout of some of the Options tabs.


  • Fixed performance issue related to search results.
  • General improvements to file transfer code. This is a little experimental, if you run into any problems, let me know on the forum!
  • Files in folders downloaded from a share browse are now queued in the right order.
  • Removing an active upload will now properly start the next upload.
  • 2012-11-27

    • Transfer progress bar now updates every half second at the most frequent, preventing a possible performance issue.
    • Fixed crashes related to expanding/collapsing and clearing uploads.
    • Sorting by file size in a share browse should now work properly.
    • Button text color setting should now apply properly to tab headers.
    • Description text in new version dialog is now scrolled to the top.


    • SECURITY FIX: Subfolders are no longer shared if they're symoblically linked from within shared folders. Additionally, no subfolders are ever shared unless they start with the same pathname as the top shared folder. This should absolutely prevent any unwanted folders from being shared.
    • You can now manually remove uploads from the context menu and using the delete key.
    • The file and folder of an upload can now be opened from the context menu.
    • The sorting of folders in the share browse view is now case insensitive.


    • Permanent Soulseek Supporter gold star badge replaces the 'Support Soulseek' button once your privileges are activated. Your username will never be recycled due to disuse.
    • Number of shared files and upload speed are now shown for each user in the user list.
    • Option for old-style display of search results, with functional column sorting.
    • Option for not creating subfolders for single file downloads.
    • Diagnostics tab is now turned off by default.
    • Search target label in search tab to better highlight user list and room search options.
    • Native operating system file dialogs are now used instead of Qt file dialogs.
    • You can now disable creating subfolders for single file downloads by checking Options->File Sharing->Don't create subfolders for single downloads.
    • The contents of the main tabs have been made a little tighter by eliminating some of the wasted space at the top.
    • Fixed tracks not being sorted in search results.
    • Fixed user context-menu options not working when selecting a folder or user node in search results.
    • You can now choose to open a different main tab when starting the client. Options include the Transfers tab, Rooms (the default), Search or Users.