Number of files

In SoulseekNS the number of files was correctly given behind my usersname. 148.000
In SoulseekQt the number of files is 20.000 less, how is this possible ?

How did you verify that Soulseek NS has the right count?

I still have Soulseek NS on my computer, and the number of files correspond with the real number of files in my shared folder.

There does appear to be a problem. I wasn't seeing it with a small share, but it's evident with a much larger share. I'll look into it.

Thanks, Nir

The discrepancy appears to be due to the fact that SoulseekQt doesn't index hidden and system files, of which there are usually many. You can verify this by going into one of your shared folders in a command line and entering this command:

dir /s /b /ahs

This will show you all of the hidden and system files in the folder and all its subfolders. Those files aren't being indexed by SoulseekQt, and frankly I'm not sure that's such a bad idea seeing as those can sometimes be sensitive or at least very specific to the user's environment.

Thanks for your answer. Does Souklseek Qt skip all the .jpg files ?

Only if they're marked as hidden or system files.

Hello, maybe it is related to my issue!
For me when I share K:\Music folder and g:\Music folder (and wait for them to get scanned) I only see the K:\Music contents in share and I have other folders named differently but I dont see those also.... but if I only leave K:\Music in share and the folders that have different name everithing is okay. Problem is, that i have many Music folders like M:\Music N:\Music and so on... and I cannot share them, because slskQT does not show them in my share. Please try to fix this. Other then this, I like the client.

You're saying folders with the same name on different drives sometimes don't appear in your shares? I can't reproduce that problem. Any chance you could show me this problem over TeamViewer?

I have solved the file list issue! I just waited til K:\music got scanned, then added g: ... waited again.. and so on... so now my filelist contains a bunch of "Music" folders and each folders content seems to be okay... BUT! the number of files seem to be too low in the userlist! When i only had K:\Music shared i had like 32k files, now it shows around 69k files, but in reality even when i only searched for *.mp3 in the big music folders I had at least 10 times that filecount alltogeather. (but i see that this issue is known by now)