Deleting items from outgoing queue

For whatever reason, it sometimes takes quite a while for the client to step through each queued file to attempt a transfer to someone who has gone offline or who is having some other kind of network problem. My client ends up waiting and waiting for what seems like ages before finally giving up. If the person has queued a whole bunch of files, this ties up Soulseek for a long time; in SoulseekNS, I've seen this take hours. It's a kind of denial-of-service attack! So, I need to be able to kill these without unsharing with the person completely, because often, the network problems do eventually clear up.

SoulseekNS allowed me to delete things from my outgoing queue by just selecting them and pressing Delete. This was very handy for sending to the "back of the line" these super-slow and timing-out downloaders. That way, they don't hog a download slot, but they remain in the queue (assuming their client requeues). It's also helpful when someone queues too many files and I don't want to ban them, but rather want to just let them finish a reasonable amount (or the currently transferring file) and then send them to the back of the line.

SoulseekQt doesn't seem to have the ability to delete specific items from the queue. Am I missing something?

No, it's just something I've been planning on doing but kept putting off. SoulseekQt I believe is very good about setting reasonable time limits for each step of the file transfer process, so you're not likely to get stuck in the same way you describe with Soulseek NS.

I mentioned it because it happened within the first half-hour of using SoulseekQt :)

Actually, watching it in action, I see that the timeout is 30 seconds in SoulseekQt. This is still kind of a pain because I regularly get people queuing like 20 files, and then if the transfers don't work, that's 10 minutes that an upload slot is wasted. I guess it's to everyone else's benefit, since they get more bandwidth, but still, I'm looking forward to the ability to send the timing-out transfers (and the super-slowpokes who aren't necessarily timing out) to the back of the line.

Thanks for all your work on Soulseek. It's really the greatest thing.

Thank you for the kind word. I'll look into implementing some kind of perliminary upload removal function and post a link to the new build here within the next day or two.

Here we go, this should let you remove uploads via the context menu and using the delete key. Let me know if you run into any problems:

Thanks, Nir