QT stalls my pc

I've been a user of Soulseek NS for ages and very happy with. Now I turned to be a QT user and found bothering harms, such as QT stalls my pc, can't use QT and Chrome together smoothly. Down- and uploadings speeds are excellent but the problem is Chrome... All of my softwares are updated. I'm using:
Win 8 Pro 64 bit,
Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4GHz,
16Gb RAM,
AMD Radeon HD6570

Whats the problem and how to solve it?

Do you mean your network slows down or the actual performance of the computer? A few other questions:

1. How many files are you sharing?
2. When you enter a room, what is your upload speed shown to be in the room list?
3. If you know how to use task manager, how much CPU does SoulseekQt appear to be taking during normal use?

01 How many files I'm sharing... hmm... over 260 000.
02 383.7
03 881,8Mb at this moment

Oh, sorry, the actual computer performance stalls, network works fine.

Yeah, that's a very busy Soulseek client. I'll be honest, I don't know exactly what's causing performance problems with such a large share. I don't have anywhere near as many files that I can use for testing purposes. I tried creating multiple copies of my share, but without the files being meaningfully unique so that they generate a realistic volume of search results and file transfers I can't reproduce these issues. Until I find a way to figure out and hopefully eliminate what bottlenecks come into play in your case, I can only recommend that you either stick with Soulseek NS for the time being or share fewer files. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Thanks a lot of Your concern as well as Your quick response. Hopefully You'll find this 'bottleneck' in nearby future.

Take care!

Cheers, thanks.