Qt doesnot run on windows 8 64 bit

Qt doesn't open in windows 8 64 bit, where NS does. The earlier version worked. According task manager it is active.

I'll look into it when I get the chance. Thanks!

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I can confirm that SoulseekQT is working flawlessly on Windows 8 x64. I have no experienced any issues, of any kind. Just wanted to share that.

That's good to hear, thank you.

QT and Win8 x64 - excellent pair, works beautifully together! =)

As a long-time Soulseek user (over 10 yrs now!), I was excited to try out the new QT build on my new Win8 machine. I bought the computer in September of 2012, and it came with Win7 installed. I was able to install build 9/15/2012 and it worked fine. Since I updated to Win8, QT freezes as soon as I start using it. The only way to close the program is with the Task Manager. I've tried multiple uninstalls/re-installs, older QT builds, etc, but QT does not work with Win8 on my machine. I'm sorry to say it, but I'm kind of disappointed. With practically new hardware and the latest operating system, I didn't expect QT to be unusable. Fortunately, I was able to find an old copy of 157 off of CNET, which works flawlessly.

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Since I posted that post, though there are still several things that bug me about QT that force me to go back to NS sometimes but...I guess such is life. :)

For example, Win8 + QT:

Local errors GALORE - not so when I switch to NS and try same downloads, same user.
I have plenty of disk space, and these transfers work fine in NS, so it's a QT thing somehow.

I cannot view my own files or info in QT, but I can in NS. And yes, I can confirm all ports are forwarded correctly, Obfuscation ports too. In NS, I can see myself no problem.
Other issues too but I won't put those here.

Bottom line, QT is "working" flawlessly on Win8, for the most part.

Qt is now working flawless in my Windows 8 64 bit system, I don't know what happened but a couple of days after my post suddenly it worked. Also windows 8 which was slow, it just happened at the moment I was considering to go back to windows 7.
Can computer read my mind?
Anyway that you for the new soulseek Qt. It looks fantastic and is easy to work with.

I'm glad to hear it worked out, thanks!

I'm still having this issue as well. I cant get any build at all to work on windows 8

Soulseek was working fine when i've instaled windows 8 (64bit) but i don't know if it was about any win update or the last soulseek update that stop working. For me, it crashes everytime.. it just freezes, with no error report. I have to go to task manager to just kill it.

Any sugestions?

Hey,i've been using slsk for quite a few years now and never had problems even after i got win8 64 based.Tried using Qt couple months ago and i had everything people mention above(Crashes,Freezes,Not running GUI-running in task mngr)..Went back to NS since then...Going to try again to see if it works and will post bout it :)

Hey ppl...well im posting without my previous being yet accepted so im here to say Qt is working fine again on win8 64x for me apart from the Upload glitch where uploads completed take a while to be self-erased from the list (Patience is the key xD) ...I have also a question about the downloading directory...Do i have to have the folders "complete" and "downloading" in my chosen dir?Isn't there a way for them to be NS style downloaded? (Haven't found an option for it yet)

Thanks for the updates and the fix (for me it worked >.<)

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I too am experiencing massive freezing problems with SoulseekQT 2/26/13. The program only works momentarily and then it just freezes and will not respond to any input commands. The only way to kill the program is to use the Task manager. I have been using SLSK for at least a decade and have never had any issues with it like this. I have a brand new ASUS Essentio series running an Intel i5 chip 3.6Ghz processor with 1TB HD and 16GB DDR3 Ram. This is a real bummer.

It worked at first, for about a day on my Windows 8. Now it's saying that my port is closed and the router needs to be configured correctly. I have no idea how to do this (not very computer savvy). Nothing loads at all on it anymore, and downloads that were in the middle of downloading just stopped and said they were queued forever.

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in Win8 tightened security policy and administrative privileges, so check UAC \ firewall and the right to access the properties of the disk for your account.

I'm having problems in windows 8 as well. The GUI simply "disappears" frequently, but the process is still seen in the task mgr and appears to be functioning even though it won't restart unless I cold reboot windows. Right now I'm trying running QT in "Windows 7 Compatibility Mode" to see if that helps...

looks like is inally working now with win 8 !

I can't opn SoulseekQt at all. I tried re-installing, I tries Windows 7 compatibility mode, just not doing anything if I try to open the soulseekQt.exe file. Anyone can help? I'm not very "good in computers"... so would even appreciate someone to help me by using Skype or whatever. Probably it's some stupid setting.