Progress bars, ETAs, status aggregates and more

Most of the improvements in tonight's build, a few days overdue after I lost my Mac and Linux virtual machines to some indiscriminate deleting and having had to rebuild them from scratch, are to do with the file transfers view. The first thing you might notice are progress bars, a decidedly nicer way to present each transfer's progress. This change is more than cosmetic however; You will also notice a separate progress bar for the total of your downloads from each user, and even additional progress bars for each folder, if more than one folder is being downloaded from a particular user! Wow. An additional column in each transfer list now also shows the estimated arrival time for each download, and once more, an ETA is provided for all files from each user, and per folder using the same logic as with progress bars (i.e. you'll generally only see an ETA next to a progress bar).

Finally, aggregate file transfer statuses are now only shown per folder and user if their tree node is collapsed. And oh, I almost forgot, both download and upload views now feature expand and collapse buttons to expand and collapse all users and folders in each list. I'm sure there are many corner cases with all of the above that aren't being handled absolutely perfectly yet, and there may be some other more glaring problems I haven't run into. Fixes are sure to follow in any such case.

Actually, the first thing you'll probably notice are the different colors to correspond with different transfer statuses.

Other, non-file transfer list related changes include:

  • Client data is now saved every five minutes to minimize the possibility of data loss in case of a crash.
  • MP3 files are now scanned even if the extension is in uppercase.
  • UPnP port mapping is renewed hourly to avoid expiry.
  • Links with dashes in them in chat now work properly.
  • Room chat is now trimmed every so often to prevent very slow resizing when it becomes too full.
  • Event buttons for private chat and browsing are now cleared when the corresponding tab is manually brought into view, which prevents the possibility of a crash if the event button is clicked after the tab is closed.
  • Proper application icon for Windows executable. (Sorry Mac users, I'm crap at Mac app bundling.)

Windows, Mac and Linux versions on the download page.


Sorry, I haven't had time to post this problem with the latest build. I haven't used it much. This is the only issue I have noticed. I lose the top display of slsk, I can't move or resize the program. I have attached a picture. This happened on my MBP and MP. The new release from the 12th still has the problem.

Let me know if I can help with anything.


Is this happening on Lion? I'm trying to get Lion working on a virtual machine over here in the meantime. Hmm. Can you verify if the problem goes away if you use an old enough version? If you know exactly which is the latest version where this problem doesn't exist and verify it by running it I can look up what changes were made to the code after that version. One thing I know definitely changed on my end is I've been using upgraded Qt libraries since I lost my Mac virtual machine a few days ago and had to rebuild. You can try uninstalling your existing Qt libraries by running /Developer/Tools/ in a root prompt to ensure that the SoulseekQt app uses the bundled libraries. Another thing you can try to do is clear your client configuration, at least temporarily, by renaming .Soulseek (hidden file) in your home folder to something else. If this has anything to do with, say, stored size settings, we should be able to tell this way.

Yes. This started happening on Lion. 7/31 build worked fine, after the 8/9 and 8/12 update i began having the issue. I moved my .Soulseek file, relaunched slskQt, and all is well. I don't think it was my system because it happened on both my MP and MBP. Anyways... all is fixed, I had to reconfigure all my settings, no big deal.