very new, can't share my music - help?

Hi, I just started using yesterday, and I can't seem to be able to share my music onto Soulseek. I am using Windows 7 and SoulseekQt 12/2/12 or whatever it's called.

I see that I go to options, share folder, and then when I pick a folder with the music I want to share, there are no files inside. So even if I share that folder, there would be no .mp3s inside. So what I want to know is if I'm just doing something wrong, or what. I have no idea! This is probably a very stupid question and I'm sorry for wasting your time! I just want to share some music!!!

Thank you.

I'm not sure I understand. At what point can you tell that there are no files inside?

Okay, so I go options>share folder>select folder, all my folders of music are there, but when I pick one, there are no music files inside. I'm still able to share that folder of music, but I just don't know if the files are inside when I share them.

Oh, try browsing your own files in a room, or if that doesn't work, right click any username and select 'Upload to user'.

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Im having the same problem. somebody please help!

Do you have iTunes installed?

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have the same problem. going to [options] + [share folder] + [select folder] when i select the folder it appears in the list of shared folders, but it maintains below that "It looks like you're not sharing any files. Please share something before downloading anything from my own shares. Thanks."


That's just the warning message you can send to users who aren't sharing if you so desire, it's linked to the checkbox above it :)