Changing upload slots opens them all

This happens alot, not always though. but it is pretty annoying. i always have to restart soulseek and then the uploads are in different order and such.. its a bit of a mess sometimes.
am i the only one with this problem or am i doing something wrong here?

What happens exactly?

i simply change the upload slots i.e. from 4 to 2 or something , then few moments later all user are downloading at once. all slots open at the same time. and it looks like it stays like that. i cant just remove uploads bcus start again anyways.
so if i want to change to two uploads again i have to shut down and restart soulseek. then when it restarts, its very possible that other users get the upload slot then the one who was downloading in the first place. so i have to remove the uploads until the desired users gets the open slots... make sense?
i dont know if using the up and down arrows or typing the number of slots makes a difference..?

ok... and i noticed now that when i use the arrows to open a slot more (from 2 to 3) it is fine, but when reduced to 2 again, it opens all slots at once. and needed a restart again :/

I think I know what might be going on. If you're on Windows, try this version:

If you're on a different operating system let me know.

i use windows 7 x64

ill give it a try...

ok nice, seems to be working good, thanks:)
and cool other little changes

i noticed i didnt get some offline messages while switching to new version. i saw a fast popup comming on and went away.. and did not get the offline message, neither in the chatlog

Excellent, thank you for letting me know. I'll look into the offline chat issue.