Two questions

Is there a way to set up an auto installation of the nightly builds or at least a way to prompt an alert when a new one goes up?

Also, sometimes a download will fail and won't start redownloading unless I exit the program and start it back up. Is there a way around this?

Automatic updating would certainly be nice to have at some point, but the work/necessity ratio for a feature like that means it'll be some time before I can tackle it. SoulseekQt isn't ready for general use yet, so I'm content with having a small group of users who are interested enough to check on the new site regularly for now. But yes, that's definitely something I'd like to try out at some point.

Failing a problem with the client (which is entirely possible), incomplete downloads should be retried every few minutes as long as the uploader is online and there are no other running downloads. I'm constantly testing the client's upload/download functionality, so issues like that should be worked out eventually.