Backing up SoulSeek QT Configurations

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I am aware of how to backup CFG files using the original Soulseek NS client but I was wondering, how does the new QT client store configurations?

For example, if I copy/paste the .DAT file (SoulSeekQT) and import that into a new install of the program on a new machine, what will be imported? User list? Share configurations? Settings? What does that .DAT file contain?

What's the easiest way to backup user data for importing QT settings into a new install?


The soulseek-client.dat file (and in the next build, the several timestamped copies of soulseek-client.dat that will help further prevent configuration data loss) contains all settings used by the client. This includes your username, shared folders and files, download entries, user list and everything else. You can easily use it a new installation of SoulseekQt.

Cheers, Nir

Hello Nir,

Can the old config file named "soulseek-client.dat" from NS (at XP machine) replace one of the four "soulseek-client.dat.1363883861738" on Win7 machine? Does it need the number extension?


That should work. Just put a dot and anything after the .Soulseek filename and the data loader should pick it up. For example .Soulseek.12345

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YOU ARE THE MAN :) Thank you!! Soulseek is amazing, seriously.

Thank you :) cheers!

Is this possible on Macs too?

Yes, just look for .Soulseek.* (hidden files) in your home folder.

Cheers, Nir

thanks for the answer. i copied all the hidden files from my previous home folder the new one but when i start up soulseekqt it doesn't load anything. any ideas?

Either the filename is in the wrong place, or is somehow inaccessible. (permissions?) That's my best guess.

i guess it didn't work because i didn't delete all the new files before moving the old ones. it works now :) thanks a lot!

Ah yes :) that would do it. Glad you figured it out.

My computer crashed and Soulseekqt was reset, which logged me out and removed my preferences, transfers, etc. I have the 4 soulseek-client.dat.123456 files, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to restore these. Any advice? Thanks

If the files are in the default location, the latest non-corrupt one should load automatically.

Great, removing the old ones and replacing with the non corrupt worked. Thanks!

Glad to hear :)

After a power loss, my SlskQt 2014.4.11 restarted like a new install ie. no configuration data (username, shared folders and files, download queue, user list... etc.) Panic set in!! :-/

After a search, found this thread and although the exact restore procedure wasn't too clear, I worked out if I found the folder with the timestamped copies of soulseek-client.dat and deleted the ones from the crash onwards, that would help restore client settings / configuration data.

I'm glad to say, it worked a treat and my slsk is back to it's former glory... thanks guys! :-D

Hi guys...I've searched everywhere and cant seem to locate the .dat file to export wishlist and user data (in case of something catastrophic)...any tips on finding it? I'm running 2013.11.6 on windows 7. Thanks in advance!