Chat: special characters work from user to me, but not vice versa

SoulseekQt @ Linux (Debian x86 3.3.7)

I got a "complaint" from a French user that when I write in French the accentuated é, á etc. are messed up on his side.
However, these always appear correctly when I receive messages from him.

Locale is {my_country_code}-UTF-8 all the way.

I'm assuming the other user is on Soulseek NS. With the correct codepage SoulseekQt will properly convert the other user's extended ASCII to Unicode, but your own UTF-8 encoded Unicode will appear unreadable on their end. They should be able to see your chat if they upgrade to SoulseekQt.

Cheers, Nir

Your assumption proved true: SoulseekNS on the other side, indeed.

In theory, you could consider adding an option to "force codepage" in chat (and ONLY there, mind you!). Everywhere else things work perfectly fine now.

So this way, we could browse everything in UTF-8 (except if needed, force a certain codepage for a NS share) and send messages to Soulseek NS users using, say, ISO-8859-15 whilst leaving everything as-is for messages we receive.
(Hopefully that was not too confusing now...)

Yeah, but then you'd be eliminating the possibility that everyone (or at least the majority of users) end up with Unicode on SoulseekQt. With everyone using their preferred code page, you're back to the situation we had before. If everyone sticks with Unicode for the time being, there's a chance this whole problem will eventually go away, and you'll be able to communicate with anyone using any language without having to worry about code pages at all.

Well, there is one criteria why some people WOULD want to keep using Soulseek NS: the ability to set upload slots = 0 for users not on userlist.

Since you do no longer condone this behavior with users (well, I am against this as well), and thus have removed this possibility in an utter "hacker-proof" way in SoulseekQt, people that want this (in particular avid collectors that only want to give their albums to an "elitary circle") won't have any other way than to stick to the old version.

Those want to show off what they have, but only if you have something on their wants list, they will "kindly" give you a slot by temporarily adding you to their list. People who think that way will not accept that they're now FORCED to set uploads to minimum 1.
Take me on my word.

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I sorta think in a roundabout way that'd be nice, in a way - if it was possible for a user to still be able to browse your files and see what have; even if they are not on your user list (and you sharing list-only). Instead of just seeing a file not shared message and be sent on their way.

Would it be feasible for list-only shares to still be browse-able (not downloadable) for everyone, regardless of if they are on your list or not? I'm on the fence.