Regarding the client crashing

I've received a couple of reports about the client crashing in the last few weeks. It's been months since I've had a crash myself, but I'm also not a super-heavy user either. If your client is crashing, the best thing you can do to help me root out these crash-causing bugs is to generate and post a crash report. This is a very simple process on Mac, but a little more involved on Windows.

On Windows:

  1. Download and unzip
  2. Open a command line window in administrator mode (in Start->Accessories right click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator), navigate to the folder you've extracted above, and install Dr. MingW as your machine's default just-in-time debugger by typing "drmingw -i" without the quotes. You can later remove it by typing "drmingw -u".
  3. When the client crashes, you should be offered an option to debug it. Select it and a Dr. MingW window should open and produce a detailed crash report.

On Mac OSX:

  1. Upon crashing, you should get a SoulseekQt quit unexpectedly dialog. Click the Report... button
  2. If this doesn't immediately produce the report, click the Show Details button.

On Linux: (requires basic familiarity with the Linux command line)

  1. On the command line change directory to where the SoulseekQt executable is.
  2. Start SoulseekQt in gdb (refer to your distribution's documentation if you don't have gdb installed): gdb [SoulseekQt executable name]
  3. In gdb, start SoulseekQt by typing run
  4. The client should start. Once it crashes, gdb will return to the prompt. Type bt to generate a stack trace of where the crash occurred. Copy the stack trace and proceed as outlined below to post it.

Once you have the report, start a new forum topic using the 'Add content' option to the left and paste it there. Not all crash reports produce useful information, and not every crash report is going to be enough for me to fix the problem, but in most cases it should at least give me some idea of what might have gone wrong.

Thanks, Nir


I updated libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll and mingwm10.dll and things seems to be running smoothly.

That's really good to know. How often was it crashing for you before then? What version of Qt did you use to update these files?

Thanks, Nir

Don't know how often... I know it was crashing, and since the 'update', no more crashes.
The files I got directly from MinGW sourceforge page, here

Up-to-date at the time of this writing.

On Windows you gonna need 7-Zip to unpack the last one.

That's one hot tip :) thanks!

Hey my Slsk stucks after a while when its on, especially if you don't touch it for a while. dont know how to fix it.

What OS are you on? How many files are you sharing more or less?

osX 10.6.8- crashes at all times, especially if I am using the computer, because sometimes I leave it on during the night and when I check it on the morning it is working, but that is just sometimes. I dont get to create a "crash report" because altough the application does not respond, osx does NOT detect it as being "crashed" so I dont have the option to "force quit" or create a crash report,I just have to quit it (cmmd+q) and open it again. I share somewhere around 3000 files, but. the app crashes even when I have no current uploads/downloads.
I hope this info helps.

Which build are you using?

I have noticed that if I dont minimize the application window it will NOT crash, i have been running it for 2 days without a crash :)
I have even previewed video files while they are being downloaded without any problems, just as long as I dont minimize the application.
I hope it helps.