"download folder" not working as expected

I search for a specific song on an album, and get a search result like this:

[-] foouser 0 33.4K/s
[-] this is head - (2013) the album id/music
05 - XVI.mp3

Right clicking on the 2nd or 3rd line and choosing "Download folder(s)" does not download the folder this mp3 resides in; it only downloads the single file in the result.

I expect it to download the folder. (or in worst case, the option "download folder" to be unavailable..)

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##When I use the Download Folder option in search results, it only downloads the files actually shown.##

To manually download everything in the folder, use the 'Browse Folder' context menu option. This will browse the user's files and automatically take you to the selected folder in the user's share. If you still want to download the entire contents of the folder, you can do so from the browsed share window.

This is in the FAQ as well.