Slsk won't run on Mint

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On Linux Mint 32bit Cinnimon, Soulseek won't run. When I double-click the unarchived file, nothing happens.

I'm new to linux, so high probability I'm doing something wrong, but elsewhere on the forum, I've read that it's as simple as running the file. Not so for me.

What to do?

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You have to extract, then just double click on the executable. It works in Mint, I can confirm that. XFCE and Cinnamon, but I have not tried MATE yet. I assume it does. Did you make sure it has executable permissions?

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I have made sure "Allow executing file as program" is checked. Anything else it could be?

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I guess there may be some missing dependencies but I've never encountered that before, sorry.

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This is a brand new installation of Mint too. Is yours 64bit?

There are missing dependencies on Ubuntu -and Mint-. If I remember correctly, it's libpng. Run it through terminal to see what's missing.

libtiff was complained about as well here (Lubuntu)
Nir should get that one compiled in with his static builds, instead of just relying on its installation on the host machine.

I'm running Linux Mint 15 with Cinnamon. I try to run the SoulseekQt-2013-11-6 executable and nothing happens.

I see many libtiff* and libpng* related packages that I could try installing via apt-get, but I have no idea which ones might be missing if that is indeed the problem.