Cant access preferences to enter log/pass

Just stumbled across soulseekqt after my 4th unofficial semi developed slsk mac client stopped working. Not sure if this soulseekqt is an official client, but it seems like good news for mac users because if it gets its own link on the homepage then thats as official as it gets.

I downloaded the program but having a very odd issue. when i start the program it says no username entered to so go to options and enter info. well the only menus i see on the top bar are soulseekqt and connection. When i go to soulseekqt, i see preferences at the very top, but its greyed out. Very very odd. i've tried the previous 3 most recent builds but all have the same issue. I've moved the program to my desktop run it from there.

I'm on osx lion 10.7.2 WOuld appreciate a response as i'm very excited to get this up and running. I was using isoul before this but for some reason i updated to 10.7.2 and it stopped wroking (crashes at start), and since its not being developed doubt its getting fixed.