"Soulseekqt.exe has stopped working"

I seem to be getting this "Soulseekqt.exe has stopped working" and crash whenever I do anything on Soulseek. At first it was happening just before when I went to my downloads folder, but now it's whenever I do anything or even just load up the program.

I'm not sure if I can get an error report as it's crashing right to desktop.
I uninstalled, reinstalled, and installed the newest version, and it's just not working.
I don't think my PC specs or anything should matter but if I can give any more information let me know.

Which build are you currently using?

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Try unsharing all files and restarting the client. Just rename the shared folder to something else. That will break the share and should allow to SoulseekQt to load fresh. Report your results please.