Max que slots per user

I hope i am not the only person but i noticed that when i close soulseek and then eventually re-open that the "Limit maximum number of queued uploads per user" option is set at 1,000. i keep having to change it back to 120. i only realized it kept changing because i noticed the other day that one person had qued up like 40 albums of music and that is when i changed it back and started removing all those ques.

i am running build 2013.11.6 of SoulSeekQT

Anyone else have this issue?

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I just checked mine, it has not changed. It stays at what I set it to. Windows 7 x64 OS. Sorry!

Any other information maybe could help us narrow this?

Hmmm, well im on win 7 enterprise x64, 16gb ddr3, no hardware issues at all, i dunno what else to say other then i decided to upgrade to the latest beta from 11-20. hopefully that makes the difference? You think my pc is closing the program faster then it can write out any files when i click the X to close slsk? I never choose "Disconnect" before i close. Ill try that real quick to see if that makes a difference.

ok im lost at this, i even tried running soulseek as administrator and it still keeps going back to 1000 ques...ok i just noticed something, when i change the "Limit maximum number of search results per search" box the queued uploads per user resets back to 1000.

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Very strange!

anyone else know of or have this issue?

yep 1000
reinstall, install older = no way

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I am running SoulseekQT build 2014.12.19 in Windows and have NEVER been able to save the "limit maximum number of queued uploads" setting. After giving a value, quitting and reopening SoulseekQT it always reverts back to 1000.
Am I missing something? Is there a 'Save Button' that I am not seeing?