Auto-Ignore chats from users not in any user list?

I've been receiving spam chats from users for month now. I'm not in any rooms and they still are able to spam me messages. Some girl called Lizzyta has multiple accounts and keep spamming me messages. Would it be possible to auto-ignore all chats that are not from users on your user list? Or maybe some way to filter chat requests, like a a user name black list with wildcards? That way I could block ex: %liz% where if the username contains liz anywhere within the username, it would be ignored. Thanks !
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Are you still getting messages from her? I silenced her IP address a couple of days ago and haven't received any messages from her since.

Nope it's been a couple of days. should I reply here if it happens again?

Lol right after I replied to this thread I received another message from her. The user is named "Kindergarten Teacher Lizzyta"

Chat message was:

[17:37:32][Kindergarten Teacher Lizzyta] show me your bottom

Gah, I just got that one too. I'll keep on it. Private chat filtering of some sort is definitely planned soon.

[17:32:15][Little Rose] Tell to the user qoncept that Lizzy loves him.

Yeah, I'll just keep silencing the usernames as I get these.

hi Nir,

This user is problematic for me also. They are chatting as SELENA at the moment. They also chat as:

Lizzyta loves Ireland
the Lizzyta's secretary
Lizzyta married to Shwing

That's just a few. I cleared about 40 other names from my ignore list yesterday all belonging to the same user.

Got this PM:

[CINDERELLA] <---------my shoes

They seem to be using a mobile phone now, perhaps to avoid some kind of an IP ban?

I'm silencing these usernames and IP addresses whenever I receive one of these messages. It's not going to completely eliminate them, but it's definitely been slowing her down.

Thanks, Nir. I appreciate your help. She's on today as:

Worst thing is that she's only there to spam and never shares any files.

Any of you guys now getting abusive PM's from Sweet Liz?

I got this earlier:

I didn't get this one. I got another one and silenced the corresponding IP address. I suspect I'm going to have to limit mass messages to only be delivered to users who are online and also have the sending user on their user list, just need to find a good time to reboot the server.

2014-02-05 11:30:13 [PAULA CONROY] add me to whatsapp : my number +56 9 ********* only serious relationship of friendship or love not for kidding , greets Lizzy, Santiago-Chile

Did you guys get this one? I removed her number from the post.

You need to stop. Most of the people you're messaging don't know who you are and aren't interested in your messages. At the very least stop changing your username so that people have the choice of ignoring you.

Lizzyta has been sending me messages advertising sexual favors in exchange for money for months. I personally do not condone such activity and am not interested in using Soulseek to solicit prostitutes. She has also asked me repeatedly to be her boyfriend and sent dozens of nude photographs... the rooms on Soulseek have become a cesspool of illicit activities and sexual harassment, a breeding ground for people who suffer from mental illness to run rampant and harass people as frequently they please. A more developed ignore function as OP requested would be a huge benefit to legitimate users.

Just saw this thread and I'm glad this has been brought up. Lizzyta has been pm'ing me for months now. I ask her to stop but she never does. As has been mentioned it's impossible to block someone who changes names every day and over the last few days she has been on as -

Lizzy Fassbender
Bionic Woman

I don't know where she even knows my screen name from. If she stayed on as one username I wouldn't care but it's the constant changing of usernames and constant pm messages that gets tiring every time you log on.

I am really glad people started posting this link in the chats here and there. I have around 30 Lizzy names ignored. I have never tried to talk to her and dont know her. I sincerely hope she leaves me alone or at least just sticks to one name, and if she cant do that then I sincerely hoep she is removed from the progam. She is auto messaging large groups of people non stop and has been for months now. I dont know why she thinks she is special and can bother hundreds of people several times a day online with a bunch of nonsense. I would love to slap the shit out of her and tell her she cant just do whatever the hell she wants. Maybe if that happened more times she wouldnt be so brazen and pushy and down right rude and selfish. Stupid pig woman. Sorry, I am just very mad and annoyed with her. Please someone ban her or kick her in her vagina!

Lizzyta needs mental help and banning her from soulseek might be the thing she needs to urge her in that direction. She trolls non-stop in the chats not just in PMs. I, frankly, don't know where she gets the energy to be such a crazy c-word 24/7. She stalks me constantly and has threatened my life on numerous occasions. If I wasn't so sure she was too mentally handicapped to mount a successful search, I'd be in fear of my life. Please ban this woman with extreme prejudice.

Lizzyta is STILL making usernames and harassing people. She is currently posting as SCARLETT O'HARA.

And more, from the past week. She is now making up to 3 new usernames every day at this point:

I love you stone_ZzzZz
Liz at the bank
Liz eating and watching TV
Liz happy in her Day!
Liz having bkfast and a shower
Liz having breakfast
Liz in bed
Liz taking a shower
Liz taking breakfast
Liz watching TV
Liz working at the bank
Lizzy working at the bank
Lizzyta watching TV

*sigh* I'll have to tweak the way mass messaging works.


I think it's not just the messages that are annoying people here, it's lizzy's mere presence on the soulseek network. As has been mentioned she doesn't share files and with all her usernames ignoring her in chat proves difficult.

To be blunt - most people want her banned from the network, including myself. She is a nuisance user.

I can't ban someone if both their username and IP address keeps changing, there's no way to positively identify them. I can ban her subnet, but that would probably keep out lots of other users from the same ISP.

hello, I from chile I need information about lizz, if you know information: facebook, pics, twitter please find me, you could help to more people for the police from chile

Hello, folks, I am using SoulseekQt-2016-1-24 and I can not find a ban or ignore user bottom. I am being harassed by this "henrique cancian" that keeps spamming me with porn talk. I'd like to send him to Soulseek's hell if possible. What should I do? Please, give me some tips. Thanks!