Two problems found after Update

Hello. I didn't update since summer, now ufter update found some problems.

1 - There's window for typing filters (in search screen) why it does became so small? It's very inconvenient. There's lot of unused space to fit them all.

2 - Maybe i something don't understand, but there was an option (in "downloads" tab),when clicking Right Mouse button on some download, you could choose "re-run search:"
Now, after update, if i RM click on old downloads that was already in soulseek before updating shows me this option, but new ones that was queued with new client don't have it.

with option:


I, too, miss the re-run search option. That was a nice feature.

How much space is empty depends on how big your Sousleek window is. When I'm looking at Soulseek via Remote Desktop from my 1024x600 netbook, it's not quite so roomy. But I agree, it would be nice if the text input box would scale to fill up the available space.

Ah, good catch. The re-run search option has to do with the new files in folder dialog, which doesn't associate the search information with new downloads. I've also made the filter edit bigger: