SoulseekQt-2014-2-15 version stopped connecting. Where are the older builds?

After installing the latest build for OSX, SoulseekQt-2014-2-15, I can't connect to soulseek server anymore, even if the port check is open.
It happened on both my laptop & my desktop.
In the meantime, where can I find the older builds of soulseek for OSX o regain access please?

Try changing the server port under Options->Login. I'm thinking a lot of Mac users are having problems with port 80. If that's the case I'll change the default.

Thank you Nir,
This worked after relaunching the client.
On my other computer I restored an older build of Soulseek (5/2013) and it also solved the problem (on port 80)

Thank you very much for the help!

That's really good to hear! I'll change the default port in the Mac version.

Thanks, Nir

No, Thank you for creating Soulseek.. I've been using it since the early days, and porting it to OSX has been a god send.

I have the same problem. I cannot download any track, download status aborted. Tried to change port number (other than 80) but still nothing.
Checked ports and I receive the message that your router and Soulseek client is configured correctly.
Any ideas?
*mac version